[SKOA Presents] We're Drizzling A Little Awesome Sauce On Our Reviews!

So first of all, we kind of had record numbers for this humble little site. THANK YOU ALL FOR STOPPING BY AND LOVING ON JACK WHITE AS MUCH AS WE DO! We never realized that a couple little streams could be such a game changer. We hope you continue to stop by and leave comments so we can all geek out together about music we all love.

Due to the sudden surge of eyeballs on our part of the interwebz (HI NEW PEOPLE!!!), we figured we should start getting a little fancier than we've been in the past. BUT in true SKOA form we're trying to not take ourselves too seriously since we are music fans and not snobby critics (at best we try to make sure we don't come off like that anyways).

Having said that, I present to you the Official Some Kind Of Awesome Rating System:

That's right. Freaking Awesome Sauce. No 7.4s here (yes Pitchfork, we are looking at you) out of 10. Just a simple 5 "bottle" rating system. This will essentially be our gauge of how much we're into something, be it a show or a single/album.

Now let it be known: we do not intend to review things we're not in love with. That's a waste of time, especially when there is so much awesome in the world. The albums you see here will always start at three bottles at the very least. Unless something REALLY leaves a bad taste in our mouth, we hope to never unveil the one or two bottles.

We have a lot in the works to continue to share with out everything that we think is super awesome and would love your feedback every step of the way because as much as this is a creative outlet for us, we really just want to geek out with other people.