Rock Band Network’s User-Generated Music Goes Live

Per Wired:

Harmonix launched the Rock Band Network music store on Thursday, featuring over 100 songs created by end users.

Rock Band Network works with the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band 2. From the average user’s perspective, it’s just another source of music; 100 more songs from obscure indie bands as well as acts like Flogging Molly and Steve Vai. But these songs weren’t created in-house; they were put together by independent music-makers using software provided by Harmonix, then peer-reviewed by their fellow indie developers. Artists get 30% of the take.

Harmonix says that a selection of Rock Band Network tracks will be brought to the Wii and PlayStation 3 platforms no sooner than 30 days after each releases on the Xbox 360.

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With this now available, I can see alot of great local, unsigned, indie acts utilizing this service (*cough cough* The Colourist *cough cough*) I'm very excited about this announcement and await to see what holds for the future of the music video game genre.

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