[Bonus Sunday Pickup] The Dead Weather - Live at Coachella 2010

Photo by Natalie Kardos

Okay, here is my surprise and my makeup for missing last week's Sunday Pickup. So this week you get a bonus pickup which is a live bootleg of The Dead Weather's performance at this years Coachella. Only bad side is it's missing one track, which is "Jawbreaker" (I know booooooo me. But I'm working with what I got). UPDATE: I've recieved several communications letting me know that "Jawbreaker" was not performed at Coachella and that this is the full set, however, some track are out of order below is the updated track listing. ORDER UP!

Shouts to Kurt655 for the Video rip.


  • Forever My Queen
  • 60 Feet Tall
  • Hang You From The Heavens
  • You Just Can't Win
  • So Far From Your Weapon
  • Blue Blood Blues
  • No Horse
  • Die By The Drop
  • Hustle And Cuss
  • I Cut Like A Buffalo
  • Will There Be Enough Water?
  • New Pony
  • Treat Me Like Your Mother
  • The Dead Weather - Live at Coachella