[Download] Tegan & Sara “Alligator” (88-Keys See Y’Later Remix) Feat. 88-Keys

Damn don't know how I slept on this one. 88 Keys takes his approach at Tegan & Sara's single Alligator. 

"Here’s a remix I submitted to Tegan & Sara for their 2nd single “Alligator” from their Sainthood album. I played this for a few people & they all seemed to have dug it; many thought I should have added a 2nd verse to this. I didn’t want to impose since they weren’t expecting any verse (or remix for that matter) from me. Also, I didn’t bother to ‘clean up’ my verse when I found out this wasn’t going down as I expected. Unfortunately this was left on the cutting room floor so… Here you go. Enjoy!" - 88 Keys

Tegan & Sara – Alligator (88-Keys See Y’Later Remix)