[Watch] Matt Mahaffey/sElf - "Back In Black (AC/DC Cover)"

Just because it's Monday doesn't mean the first few hours of it have to suck! This video is an oldie but a goodie so I like to share it when the opportunity presents itself. Matt Mahaffey, backup guitarist for Beck on occasion and frontman for the band sElf (circa 90s etc) is probably one of the most talented and underrated artists to date. He's produced and written a TON of stuff that somehow still manages to keep him under the wire. If this video doesn't showcase in the 2:46 that it runs just how incredibly talented he is, well... guess you'll have to scour eBay to check out his Self records for yourself. Dude is rockin drums and an omnichord and pulls this cover off stunningly well (minus the part where he forgets the words, haha).