[Download] Interpol - "Lights"


FINALLY THEY'RE BACK!!! No more Julian Plenti. Just INTER-FREAKING-POL. I can't begin to tell you how long I've waited for this day. Actually I can, because Our Love To Admire was released July 10, 2007. That's way too long!!! 

I am incredibly excited to share that Interpol have unveiled a new song, "Lights" which you can download for the actual retail price of $FREE.99 via the handsome widget below. When I say $FREE.99, I actually mean in exchange for your birthdate and email address, but let me tell you, this is WORTH the updates you'll be receiving from them in the next few weeks. "Lights" is totally true to Interpol form. 

Ok enough gushing, hear for yourself!!! 



So, what do we think?