Ratatat LP4 Cover Art, Tracklist and Release Date

Finally details on Ratatat's upcoming album LP4 have been revealed. The album is set to release on June 8th on XL Recordings. Above is the official album art and below we go the tracklisting for the album. Some of you may have heard the live version of "Grap Juice" direct from the soundboard when we featured it in a post way back, if you haven't heard that song yet you can check it out here

UPDATE: Listen to 2 New RATATAT Tracks Off Their Upcoming Album LP4 "Grape Juice City" x "Mandy" here


1. Bilar
2. Drugs
3. Neckbrace
4. We Can't Be Stopped
5. Bob Gandhi
6. Mandy
7. Mahalo
8. Party With Children
9. Sunblocks
10. Bare Feast
11. Grape Juice City
12. Alps