[Download] Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez & Ex-Chili Pepper John Frusciante's New Album

Check out the first of two collaboration albums between Omar Rodriguez-Lopez [The Mars Volta] and John Frusciante [formerly of Red Hot Chili Peppers]. This album is a FREE download in any file size you like. There is also the option to donate as well, any and all money donated will go to benefit to “Keep Music In Schools” programs. Support good music for a good cause! Check out the stream of the album below and more info here.


1. 4:17 am (03:25)
2. 0=2 (03:52)
3. LOE (04:41)
4. ZIM (03:55)
5. VTA (03:48)
6. 0 (04:11)
7. 5:45 am (04:57)

<a href="http://omardigital.rodriguezlopezproductions.com/album/omar-rodriguez-lopez-john-frusciante">4:17 am by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>