RJD2 Set To Release "New" Album: Inversions Of The Colossus

I knew about this awhile back but didnt want to officially announce until RJ made a statement on the album. RJ is dropping a "new" album titled Inversions of the Colossus. This record contains instrumentals of several songs (Games You Can Win, The Glow, The Shining Path, Crumbs Off The Table, A Sons Cycle, Gypsy Caravan and Walk With Me) off his recent LP The Colossus. However, since the The Colossus was mainly instrumental anyways RJ decided to throw in some extra goodies for the fans.

"I realized that I had enough songs that I was happy with to REPLACE those 7 instrumental songs that were originally on The Colossus,” RJD2 wrote. “Then, things started to come into focus-release a companion piece to The Colossus that encompasses the vocal songs-sans vocals-and 7 new songs (almost all of them being instrumental)"

Two of the new tracks, Liquid Luck and The Perfect Occasion, fans may have heard awhike back when RJ posted them on his blog preparing people for the release of The Colossus. Unfortunately, they have been removed from the site but you can listen to the snippets here along with the rest of the tracklisting. Inversions of The Colossus releases on June 22nd via RJ's Electrical Connections.