[Download] Plugs - "All Them Witches"

RCRD LBL has just recently posted a free download for Ex- Does It Offend You, Yeah? member Morgan Quaintance current band, Plugs. Plugs aren't anything new to us at all, as we featured possible material off their upcoming unnamed album back when we started up the site. For those looking for it to be similar to DIOYY?, it may be a hit or miss. RCRD LBL described their sound as, "Space Invaders synths shot through with a kind of ‘60s Brit-rock patina, different. It’s super fun!"

And that it is. So take a listen to “All Them Witches” below, and prepare yourself for Plugs’ debut EP arriving in June.

[Download] Plugs - All Them Witches (Via RCRD LBL)