[$FREE.99] Chemical Brothers Give Away Free Compilation CD In The Sunday Time

Earlier this week, the electronic group The Chemical Brothers announced that we would be featuring a free compilation in this weeks Sunday Times in the UK. Since we know not everyone can get a hold of this physically, we are gonna give it to you for you're listening pleasure. The compilation features their newest single "Swoon" off their upcoming record Further which drops June 14th plus other hits from their previous records. Win, Win? Right? Grab yours below

Tracks on this exclusive CD are:

1. Swoon (Radio Edit)
2. Galvanize
3. Star Guitar 
4. Block Rockin' Beats 
5. Close Your Eyes 
6. Got Glint? 
7. The Pills Won't Help You Now
8. Piku 
9. Saturate 
10. Surface To Air

[Download] The Chemical Brothers - Sunday Times Compilation