[Download] A-Trak "Dirty South Dance 2" (Mixtape)

Looks like A-Trak is awake and he's blessed us with his long awaited follow up to his Dirty South Dance mixtape. 

"Here it is ladies and germs! The mixtape has landed and it is yours to enjoy at the click of a mouse.

I hope you like the mix! As you probably know this is a sequel to the first Dirty South Dance CD that came out in 2007. For the die-hard collectors I’m teaming up with Obey again to make a deluxe pack that includes a poster, t-shirt and physical CD in sexydigipak format. Stay tuned for the exact release date, it’ll be in about 3 weeks.

Also, if you choose to download the audio in Ogg Vorbis format you’re a weirdo." - A-Trak

<a href="http://atrak.bandcamp.com/album/dirty-south-dance-2">Intro by A-Trak</a>