[Listen] Deftones Cover Japan's "Ghosts" For Deluxe Edition of Diamond Eyes

Deftones new album, Diamond Eyes, is set to drop this Tuesday, May 4th and iTunes has a sweet deal where you can grab the Deluxe Version of the album for $11.99. The Deluxe Version features 3 awesome bonus tracks of the Tones' covering Drive Like Jehu's "Caress", Cardigan's "Do You Believe," and Japan's "Ghosts". It's not a bad deal at all for that price, especially if you are a digital music lover, you get the full album plus 3 bonus cuts. So I'd say that is an all around Epic Win. If you're not convinced so, check out the awesome cover of Japan's "Ghosts" below and see if that sways you to the dark side of consumerism. If thats enough evidence for you, you can grab the Deluxe Version here.

Deftones - Ghosts (Japan Cover)