[Watch] Gorillaz Replace U2 At Glastonbury & Perform On Jonathan Ross With Tinie Tempah

After the recent announcement of U2 postponing their North American Tour and dropping out of the Glastonbury Festival in which they were headlining due to an injury sustained by their frontman Bono, speculation began to surround the interwebz to see what act would replace them. It was thought that Led Zeppelin would most likely replace U2 after Jimmy Page was asked if the band would reunite at Glastonbury he  stated, “I refuse to rule anything out.” But after all the speculation, the decision was made today that Damon Albarn's Gorillaz would be the ones to headline Friday Night of Glastonbury. Check out the full story and confirmation on the Guardian website here

In more Gorillaz news, the band recently performed on Jonathan Ross' show on BBC1 performing "On Melancholy Hill" from their recent LP Plastic Beach and the ever popular hit "Clint Eastwood" from their self titled debut album featuring UK rapper Tinie Tempah filling in for Del. Tinie Tempah wrote a new verse just for his performance with Damon and the gang. Check it out below.