[$FREE.99] Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet Featuring John Frusciante - "Sepulcros De Miel"

Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and former Red Hot Chili Pepper's guitarist John Frusciante are back at it again. This time bringing Omar brother Marcel Rodriguez Lopez and Juan Alderete De La Peña along for the ride forming the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet. Omar and John previously released a joint album "Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and John Frusciante" back at the beginning of May. That album as well as their newest is FREE to anyone who would like it, however, there is also the option to donate any amount you like for the album and all proceeds will go to a fund that we have set up to support the "Keep Music In Schools" programs. Not bad, huh? Good music for a good cause. Listen to the album below and grab it here.

<a href="http://omardigital.rodriguezlopezproductions.com/album/sepulcros-de-miel">Part I by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>