RX Bandits Announce Full Album Shows On West Coast

So any west coasters who were bummed about missing the RX Bandit's playing their last three albums in their entirety in New York at the end of March can now relax.  The west coast is getting the same treatment.  The band announced three tour dates today at the Troubadour in September where they will be playing "The Resignation," "...And The Battle Begun," and "Mandala" in their entirety, one each night, with the horn section (which no longer tours with the band).  The dates are September 24, 25 and 26.

They better offer some sort of three day pass or something, because choosing which one of these albums I'd like to see live wouldn't be easy.  I'm leaning towards "...And The Battle Begun" though.  If you've never seen the RX Bandits live, you're missing out.  They're one of my favorite live shows.  Watch the video above and see what you've been missing.