The Hives Return With New Single "Civilization’s Dying" And Free EP

Finally, some awesome news on The Hives front.

World renowned heroes and music business field leaders The Hives were caught red handed today cheating?! Authorities say the band were shamelessly playing the songs of other artists not present to defend themselves. New tapes have surfaced revealing an EP’s-worth of "stolen" material. Is it a desperate act of idol worship, or are we witnessing the fruit of lame work ethic and laziness? Hardly the latter! However the black-and-white-clad bandits made off with three of the music world’s biggest and brightest shining jewels: Civilization’s Dying also known as "The Hoosier State Sapphire", Early Morning Wake Up Call also known as "Whoa Uluru Uluru" (meaning "F%#k! It´s at least twice as big as Uluru!") and Nasty Secretary the larger part of "The New York Star" - the only diamond ever found on the island of Manhattan. The victims are Zero Boys, Flash and the Pan, Joy Ryder and Avis Davis respectively. None of the artists were available for comment but Glen Ross Fitzhume, the head of the record collectors unit at UCLA (Urban Collectors of Large Amplitude) says he doesn't think they'll mind. The Hives have already pleaded ‘totally guilty’ to the crime and are currently serving their sentence in the good ol’ tradition of tarring and feathering.

The evidence will be released as the TARRED AND FEATHERED ep July 2nd, 2010. However, if you're cool enough you can sign up to join The Hives Broacasting Service and grab the EP Monday before its released digitally. Sounds good right? It Better! Check out The Hives perform their new joint "Civilization's Dying" at this years Rock AM Ring Above.

UPDATE: It appears we were hoodwinked by those dastardly Hives again. The download you receive for signing up is only for the single . But its still worth it.