How To Destroy Angels Prepare Full Length LP Release for 2011

According to TwentyFourBit, in a Q&A session on HTDA's Tumblr, Reznor dropped the news: “We are working on a full-length release now. We hope to have it released Q1 2011.” And in response to a subsequent question regarding the EP Reznor elaborated on why they opted to release an initial 6-track collection:

[T]his EP is an artifact of the very first experiments we tried together. We were going to wait until we had a large batch of songs and then distill them down from there, but we liked this first collection and decided to release them. I would expect the next release to sound a bit more focused as we discover more about our combined chemistry.

This is exciting news! If you haven't already grabbed HTDA debut EP make sure you pick it up here!