[Download] Christian Rich - "The Decadence" (Mixtape)

Up-and-coming duo Christian Rich have hooked up with Clinton SparksMick Boogie, Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream to drop The Decadence, a new mixtape which finds brothers Kehinde and Taiwo Hassan tossing out old concepts to bring fans a new musical sensation.

All songs are written and produced by Christian Rich (with the exception of the “Famous Girl” remixes), and guest contributors include Pharrell WilliamsPusha T (of the Clipse), Shanell (of Young Money), Y-O (of U-N-I), Bjorn (from Peter Bjorn and John), DJ Benzi and Dstar, Clinton Sparks and more! As a bonus, the zip file downloadable below features this video drop by Pharrell.

[Download] Christian Rich - The Decadence (Mixtape)