[Listen] Holly Brook - "O'Dark​:​Thirty EP"

Ya'll remember Holly Brook, right? She was the girl that sang the chorus on the song "Where'd You Go" by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park's side project Fort Minor. Remember now? Good. But don't typecast her to just that single song especially if you haven't heard her recently released EP titled O'Dark: Thirty which rocks the house. The style of this EP is very reminiscent to sounds of old Zero 7 with Sia and Little Dragon in our opinion. It's definitely worth the listen and if you are loving it like we are, we highly suggest you pick this one up. You can purchase the album by clicking the download link on player.

<a href="http://hollybrook.bandcamp.com/album/odark-thirty-ep">It's Raining Again (Smile) by Holly Brook</a>