Interpol Tracklisting, Album Pre-Order, NYC Show Unveiled

With every passing day I am becoming increasingly excited for Interpol's forthcoming self-titled release on September 7th. 

This morning, Matador unveiled the tracklist and artwork for the album (shown above), complete with pre-order information and details about a NYC show on November 5th, which goes on sale at 10AM EDT. 

In addition to the standard CD/deluxe CD version, the album will be available in two different LP versions: an economy-priced single LP at $13.00, and an 180 gram double vinyl edition (two 45 RPM 12"s with large holes) at $19.00 (much like the deluxe CD, the double 12" version will only be available from the Matador Store or from  independent record shops). Matador Store preorders will receive a specially designed Interpol 45rpm adapter. A limited number (ie. one per day) of signed Shepard Fairey screenprinted portraits of Paul Banks, Daniel Kessler and Sam Fognarino are being given away as part of the preorder.

You can preorder the album at The Matador Store.

Tracklist after the jump!

01 Success
02 Memory Serves
03 Summer Well
04 Lights
05 Barricade
06 Always Malaise (The Man I Am)
07 Safe Without
08 Try It On
09 All of the Ways
10 The Undoing