[Watch] Fenech-Soler - "Lies"

When I come across bands like Fenech-Soler it makes me think that if I ever had the opportunity to step foot in the UK that my head would explode because there are just too many talented artists on the rise and I wouldn't know where to begin. 

The video for "Lies", the forthcoming single due out September 20th (courtesy of B Unique Records), has imagery that makes me think somewhere along the lines of Robin Hood (the BBC version) or Legend of the Seeker, but if they lived in Brooklyn... but like in the best way possible. I can actually appreciate the lack of disco balls, neon, glitter, heavy eye makeup, etc. that typically comes with electronic pop bands. They have other videos that kind of dance near that kind of look but are safely enough away. 

I also have to note that singer Ben Duffy has got some range on him! Very interested to see what else he can do. 

For those of you fortunate enough to be across the pond, the band is touring extensively right now so you should go check them out. 

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