[Listen] of Montreal - "Our Riotous Defects" (Feat. Janelle Monaé) & "Coquet Coquette" Video Dropping Next Week

Indie rockers of Montreal will be debuting their video for the single "Coquete Coquette", off their upcoming album False Priest, next week August 18th on their YouTube Channel. By the looks of the teaser poster this video is gonna be pretty epic. 

In other great of Montreal news, we have a preview of another song off False Priest featuring the ArchAndroid Janelle Monaé titled "Our Riotous Defects" which you can listen to below. This is the band's 2nd out of 3 collaborations with Ms. Monaé. The first was on the song "Make The Bus" off Monaé's debut album The Archandroid and the last song "Enemy Gene" will also be featured along with "Our Riotous Defects" on False Priest. 

If you haven't already pre-ordered the album, we highly suggest you visit Polyvinyl's store online and check out some of the awesome packages they have for the album and get ready for an awesome experience come September 14th.

UPDATE: The stream has been taken down at the request of the band and their managment. If you got to hear the track, awesome. Go get the album! If not, sorry, get the album anyway.