[Listen and Download] 2 New Brandon Flowers Solo Tracks "Only The Young" & "On The Floor 2.0"

So it appears that two new songs by The Killers' frontman Brandon Flowers have been floating around the web lately. The first could be the next possible single off Flowers' solo debut album Flamingo. The only strange thing about this leak it comes in the form of a remix rather than hearing the original first. The track is titled "Only The Young" and its remixed by talented Jesse Marco. Some of you may remember the instrumental to the song back when Flowers' solo was first announced. The song played in the background of the initial preview website (which you can still hear here) until it was later converted into the teaser site for Flowers' latest single "Crossfire". We can't wait to hear the album version of "Only The Young" but for now you can check out the remix on the player below.

Speaking of "Crossfire", it appears that Flowers recent released a special 10" picture vinyl for his recent single (which you can order on Amazon.com), which also included the b-side "On The Floor 2.0". From the sounds of the lo-quality vinyl rip, this may be an alternate acoustic version of the song "On The Floor" which is featured on Flamingo. Either way, we are happy to hear more audio of this anticipated album surface and look forward to Flamingo's release. Head over to Flowers' website and preorder the album now.

Brandon Flowers - "Only The Young" (Jesse Marco & Cool Cat Remix) by Some Kind of Awesome

Brandon Flowers - "On The Floor 2.0" by Some Kind of Awesome