[Watch] Linkin Park - "The Catalyst" (Video)

I know my write up on this post may spark some debate between readers on Facebook or even here on the site. But seriously when did Linkin Park become so popular that they couldn't write a decent song or make an outstanding video? I'm not trying to bash on them because I was once a fan and thats why I am posting this because I know they have a cult of fans still out there that believe they can do no wrong. But, it seems like ever since they tried to achieve this "rock" sound to pull away from the nu-metal typecast they went downhill creatively.

To be honest, Minutes To Midnight wasn't the greatest of albums, Hybrid Theory EP and LP, Meteora and even Reanimation had so much work put into them, that their sound could not be matched by anyone. Then they dumbed it down, Mike Shinoda started singing and they whored themselves out to Transformers. Their newest single "The Catalyst" is not the "rock" sound they said they were once looking for, it feels poorly pieced together and haven't they done the whole slow motion video thing before?

Seriously, I would love to hear the feedback from all the readers out there on FB or in the C-Section on their thoughts about the video and the creative direction the band is taken. </rant>

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