[Watch] Lazerbeak - Legend Recognize Legend (Promo Video)

Lazerbeak is not only the homie and one of my favorite producers, but he is one of the most creative and talented musicians out there. He's one of hip hop's best producers out there (IMO) and he also plays in the awesome indie band, The Plastic Constellation (which if you never heard of them, you should get familiar real quick. You wont regret it.). Now Beak is dropping his solo album, Legend Recognize Legend on Doomtree Records and preparing to head on tour with the rest of the Doom Crew.

Check out the promo video for his upcoming album Legend Recognize Legend above and catch the first leak from the album titled "Salt and Sea" here. If you truly are vibing to this record thus far, preorder here. There are tons of goodies in preordering this album, plus its extremely good music. Beak's album drops