Queens Of The Stone Age to re-release Self Titled Album

Only a month after announcing they were to re-release Rated-R QOTSA have saidthat they are to release their debut self titled album later this year. Josh Homme has teamed up, once again, with his friends at Ipecac Records, Mike Patton and Greg Werckman. In the past Josh has released Desert Sessions via Ipecac and as well as the release of Queens Of The Stone Age this Autumn, the partnership will release Alain Johannes' Spark on October 5th with Mini Mansions Self Titled following on November 2nd. The reason for this appears to be that Rekords Rekords partnership with Dangerbird Records has not hit the ground running. In the press release Werckman says, "Reports on the death of the record label have been greatly exaggerated. Record labels like Rekords Rekords and artists like Joshua Homme continue to wage an assault on mediocrity and complacency in the music industry. We, at Ipecac, are stoked to work side by side with unique talents like Alain, Mini Mansions and el jefe Homme. Keep art in the artists hands." Which seems like a pretty sweet attitude for artists to come into don't you think?


Now to the news in question, Queens' doing another Re-Release. I'm sure you are all as eager as I am to hopefully hear some new QOTSA tracks next year. Until then why don't we welcome with open arms Josh releasing old albums again with bonus tracks and what not! The Self Titled album will come with 3 extra tracks and is available as a 180 gram double-gatefold, colored vinyl release packaged with a CD version available from the 26th of November. The CD release on it's own will be in stores on December 7th. So if I was you I would eagerly wait in anticipation to get your hands on a vinyl you need in your collection. And unless you have a small wedge saved now your best bet at scoring a good deal on the S/T will be to pick it on come December!