[Watch] Cee Lo Green - "Fuck You" Official Video

So a few weeks ago we posted the Cee Lo Green Track when it was just getting started and now it has become a viral hit gaining over 4 million hits on youtube! As we were promised, here is his official music video for the track. Giving the track the justice it deserves as we see 3 separate occasions of heart break for Cee Lo. I loved the simplicity of the initial lyrics video but this gives the song that extra kick. With the 4 million hits on the previous video will this rack up as many? Give it a week or 2 and we shall see. Cee Lo's new album Ladykiller is set to hit stores on December 7th and "Fuck You" is the first track from this. Be sure to look out for the album when it's out! Thanks to CoS for the heads up on the video! 

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