[Download] Fistful of Mercy - "Fistful of Mercy"

Ben Harper, Joseph Arthur and Dhani Harrison debuted their new project Fistful of Mercy last month on KCRW. And we have a treat for you on this lovely Friday in the form of a download of the track that inspired the bands name. Check out the beautiful harmonies these three talented guys have managed to create, it's simply spine tingling.

Over the space of three days they managed to go from no tracks and no idea what direction they were going in, to having recorded 9 acoustic tracks. Their debut album As I Call You Down is available from the 5th of October on Hot Records, you can pre order it over here. Download the track below and look out for these guys when they hit the road in November. I am waiting eagerly to hear more tracks from these guys and after downloading this you might be too.

Fistful Of Mercy - "Fistful Of Mercy" by Some Kind of Awesome

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