[Download] Panic! at The Disco Members Cover Little Shop of Horrors' "Skid Row"

Panic! at The Disco members Brendon Urie and touring bassist Dallon Weekes alongside former (The) Cab member Ian Crawford and former The Brobecks Matt Glass have covered a song from the classic musical Little Shop of Horrors, "Skid Row." 

Urie handles the vocals of Audrey, the musical's man-eating plant and Weekes sings the parts of Seymour Krelborn who was portreyed in the film by Rick Moranis. The cover stays true to the original with some updated power cords and synth.

Spin reports, it's not known whether this is part of some larger project, but core Panic members Urie and drummer Spencer Smith have spent the bulk of 2010 working on the third Panic! at the Disco full length.

Does It Have To Be Human (Feat. Brandon Urie and Dallon Weekes of P!ATD) - Skid Row by Some Kind of Awesome

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