[Download] DJ Shadow 2-track album (Only for 24 hours)

Dj Shadow's giving us an early Christmas present with a 2 track album download from his as of yet untitled album set for release in 2011. "Def Surrounds Us" is an up tempo D'n'B/Electro track where as "I've Been Trying" is more mellow and gentle in it's delivery, both are a pleasure to listen to. Now I'm not usually one to boss people around but you have 24 hours to download this so advise you click here before your time runs out.

<a href="http://djshadow.bandcamp.com/album/def-surrounds-us-b-w-ive-been-trying">&quot;Def Surrounds Us&quot; b/w &quot;I've Been Trying&quot; by DJ Shadow</a>