[Listen] The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Tychozorente (Full Album)

I don't think Mars Volta guitarist Omar Rodriguez Lopez ever stops working and putting out music. Which I don't mind at all because that guy is amazing. Omar recently released a new album via his bandcamp page titled, Tychozorente. This album is different compared to his previous efforts which feature him jamming away on guitar.  Actually, there isn't any guitar on this album as Omar is now handling duties on Programming and production of this electronic masterpiece. 

He also brings along singer/songwriter, actress Ximena Sarinana Rivera to provide vocals for the album. Check out the album stream below and then make a minimum Donation of $6.99 to purchase the album. But as Omar states on his page, "please feel free to Donate as much as you can spare. All profits will be given to the fund to make more music. That's how it works."

<a href="http://omardigital.rodriguezlopezproductions.com/album/tychozorente">Tychozorente by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>