[Watch] Chris Martin playing new Coldplay track "Wedding Bells"

Apple launched some new products yesterday (September 1st) which is no real surprise but to launch the new gadgets they enrolled the help of Coldplay's Chris Martin and Lady Gaga. One of Gaga's videos was played while The Coldplay Frontman played hits "Viva La Vida" and "Yellow", but also introduced an entirely new track entitled "Wedding Bells". Before playing the track he stated that "this could be the only time you hear it", adding "This is a new song, this is called the Coldplay 2.6, this features seven different types of chord, including a new one that even our closest rivals know nothing about."

As well as this at the convention Apple launched a new Music based social network called Ping along with iTunes 10. Ping allows you to add Musicians and friends as well as following what they are listening to and gigs they are to attend. I'll let you be the judge of how innovative this new Social Network is. I'm still unconvinced, but then Apple do have a pretty successful track record with their products and apps.

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