[Watch] Maps & Atlases - "Solid Ground"

Maps & Atlases have just unveiled their very first video! (Cue ruckus applause and cheers). The album Perch Patchwork is the kind of album you put on, hit play  and just lie back and relax, forgetting about all of your troubles. Forget shuffle, or hitting skip, you'll want to listen to it from front to back.

It sounds like it was a fun video to shoot too, Erin Elders said "The video shoot for Solid Ground was like what I imagine a rainy day at summer camp to be like. During the day we trudged through the damp woods with guitars and drums in hand and at night we sat around singing Tom Petty songs. At the end of it all, it was really sad to have to leave our new camp friends and head back home."

I love the video's idea of music pulling and pushing you into shore and then back out again. Sit back and have a relaxing Wednesday courtesy of Maps & Atlases, and if you haven't got this album in your life yet, go get it!