[News] Arcade Fire to perform at the Grammys

Last year was a huge year for Arcade Fire following the release of their ridiculously good, and our number 2 album of 2010, The Suburbs. Rightly so they up for three Grammy Awards this year, including the Album of the Year award, which is what counts, right? News came yesterday that not only are they nominated but they are to be performing at the Grammys too! So that's another reason to watch the show which will be broadcast on February 13th at 8pm Eastern. Why can't I live in the States?!

On a side note, Arcade Fire are also taking part in the Grammys' promotional campaign Music Is Life Is Music, which includes a website and mobile app. With the image at the top about to be seen all over the US on billboards and in print. Arcade Fire aren't going anywhere just yet. 

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