[News] Magnetic Man set to release album in US

Skream, Benga and Artwork have been mentioned on here a few times in the past, and for good reason. The trio also known as Magnetic Man spent the early part of the decade co-building what is now known as dubstep, from their HQ Big Apple records in Croydon, London. Magnetic Man kicked off 2010 with a trail of incendiary live performances across the UK and Europe – from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark and Melt festival in Germany to Manchester's Warehouse Project and this year’s Glastonbury - leaving festival goers and clubbers transfixed over the past year.

After a successful run in the UK including the hit single and heavily radio played "I Need Air" along with an unbelievably warm reception to their debut album the trio will take their indestructible energy to the states, with the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut on April 12th 2011!

The album is rounded, hectic where it needs to be and incredibly dirty in other parts. A stand out on the album for me is Karma Crazy with it's incredibly big drop and beat throughout that will have you dancing the night away. Another brilliant moment is the albums closing track which features John Legend, titled "Getting Nowhere" which I'm sure I heard John say in an interview with Annie Mac that it could be a single, and rightly so. 

Brace yourselves America, Magnetic Man are coming and if their takeover and dominance of the UK in 2010 is anything to go by, you may be seeing a lot more of these three talented gentleman when the album graces your shores. Check out a nice cinematic video of the boys performing the track I mentioned before "Getting Nowhere" featuring John Legend at Manchester's Park Life last summer.