[Watch] Magnetic Man - "Getting Nowhere" Feat. John Legend (Video)

Finally some visuals for a stand out track from the master-class in dubstep that is UK's Magnetic Man track "Getting Nowhere". At the end of last year when I got hold of this LP I had it on repeat and as mentioned last week the album is set for release over in the US later this year

The track, which features John Legend is a stand-out, if not for being stuck on the end like it was made to simply appeal to the masses, but because of it's impeccable roundedness, and clean edges. It closes off an otherwise brilliant frantic album. The cherry on top of a cake, if you will to end the album nicely. 

The video features some visuals featuring an Assassin's Creed-esque black hooded character roaming the streets of London on a horse, along with four coat wearing youths performing tricks on a BMX. Watch the video if not just to get some goosebumps from this great track but to absorb the wonderful vocal work of Mr Legend.