[Watch] Wanda Jackson & Jack White - "Thunder on the Mountain" (Bob Dylan Cover)

Are you ready to have a few minutes out of your day to truly sit back, relax and sit open mouthed as Jack White graces your computer screen with his presence and a guitar thrown together with a boutique amp? You are!? Awesome. Take a look at him, Wanda Jackson and the Third Man Records House Band as they tackle the legend that is Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain".

Why that song you may ask...well in an interview with Spinner Jackson told them that "Jack wanted me to do a Bob song...They're longstanding friends and Bob suggested 'Thunder on the Mountain.'" Naturally, you kno whow it is just hanging out with Bob on a Saturday afternoon.  Wanda goes on to say that when recording the video for this one afternoon in the very same pressing plant her vinyl was pressed Jack was in "rare form....Every time that we taped it, he had the energy, jumping around like that and playing the guitar." 

What are you waiting for, hit play already and soak in Jack White, Wanda and the House band rocking the plant like there's no tomorrow! The Party Ain't Over will be out Jan. 25 via Nonesuch Records and White's Third Man Records.