[Download] Mux Mool - 'Drum EP 2'

SKoA favorite and our buddy Mux Mool has recently released his follow up EP Drum EP 2. You can take a listen to the album below then head over here to grab the download, as well as donate for the album (because donating is cool). And now a few words from Mux to give you a little backstory on the creation of Drum EP 2.

From Mux Mool:

I made the first Drum EP in 2007. At that time I wasn't sure if I was going to continue making beats at all. I had only released one song, and despite how well "Lost and Found" had done, I just wasn't sure if this was the path I was going on. A good friend of mine, Medium Zach from Big Quarters suggested I challenge myself to make one beat every day for a week. I took him up on his challenge and did just that. 7 lo fi hip hop beats.

In 2010 I found myself in a similar funk, only this time I was traveling quite a bit. I decided that I wanted to challenge myself again. This time, I couldn't really do 7 songs in 7 days, and I wanted to improve in quality from the songs on the first Drum EP, but stay true to the nature of beat-making challenges. So, this EP is all songs I made while on a plane.

Mux Mool - Drum EP 2 by Moodgadget

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