[Download] Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em" (Diplo RMX)

We like Diplo and we like Sleigh Bells, so it's always nice to see when two artists come together and produce a smashing remix. Take a listen to Diplo's handy work on the ever so good Sleigh Bells track, "Tell 'Em" which featured on their debut album Treats.

In relation to the remix Diplo said:

"I started this mix for them like a year ago but it took derek about 6 months to send stems so it was kinda in remix limbo but i really wanted to get it out to u guys cause i think the bass and the drums sounds nice and u can play it at your next party."

Grab it for yourself below and go thank Music for Perfect People for giving us the heads up. Happy Monday!

Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em" (Diplo RMX) by Some Kind of Awesome