[Watch] Lykke Li - "Untitled" (Video)

Earlier today we posted up a remix of the Swedish indie-pop singer, Lykke Li's track "I Follow Rivers". And to add to your dosage of Lykke take a look at this rather unusual 3 minute video she posted on her vimeo last Friday.  I don't really know how to describe it or tell you about it. The black and white finish on the video along with the backdrop kind of looks similar to the cover of her new album.

No official word regarding the video and wether it is just a preview or a promotional clip for the new album Wounded Rhymes, which as mentioned earlier drops in stores on February 28th and a day later on March 1st over in the US. You can head over here to pre-order yourself a copy. The video seems to have sparked a few arguments and exchanges in the Youtube comments. I'll leave it to them I just liked seeing some more visuals from her. Just me?

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