[Watch] Another Patrick Stump A Cappella Video

Last week Mr Patrick Stump formerly of Fall Out Boy uploaded an entertaining and impressive video of him singing a cappella to a load of Grammy nominated tracks and artists. This morning he has done it again much to his dismay, as it seems he had a few technical issues while uploading to Youtube! On his Twitter account he firstly told fans: "So. Egg on my face. That video is not the one I intended to post, but I've been on a plane all day and didn't see it." going on to add that he was "Embarrassed, pissed, disappointed. Will rectify ASAP". He delivered though and uploaded the video with the correct audio track and now you can enjoy his cover of John Legend and Andre 3000's "Green Light". Watch it up at the top and just to let you know the video stil isn't perfect as Patrick went on finally to add "For the record, Youtube must hate this damn video cause now it's out of sync. I give the eff up. Good night." 

Sound like he had a bad day but still, the video is an entertaining watch so check out the singer singng his lungs out to John and Andre.