[Watch] Dave Grohl gives tour of Home Studio

Dave Grohl takes some time out to show NME around his home-studio which basically compromises of a Garage with his Kids bikes in and a room upstairs filled with analog production gear. As Dave points out mid-way through it kind of turns into an episode of MTV's Cribs a he shows the camera the contents of the fridge and freezer. But hey, it's Dave Grohl, he can show the camera whatever he wants and we'll eat it up. Check it out for yourself up at the top and let the ever growing anticipation for the new, heaviest ever Foo Fighters album continue.

If you've missed the previous two sneak peeks at new Foo's material then fear not as we've got you covered. If you click here you can hear a 10 second snippette of "White Limo" and over here for a longer clip which was previewed on the official Foo Fighters site. Enjoy.