[Download] Munchi - "Murder Sound VIP" Feat. M.I.A.

Take a listen to this track from the 21 year old prodigy Munchi from Rotterdam. Said to be able to make next level tracks "in minutes on headphones and almost amateur software (Acid Pro)" there's quite a bit of hype for this young gun to live up to. He has released his first EP on T&A records which goes by the title, “Murda Sound,” and today you can take a listen to the title track courtesy of T&A Records. The track features none other than M.I.A. who had a very productive 2010 releasing her album along with a few mixtapes towards the end of the year. Check it out below and grab yourself the download and be sure to look out for this whizzkid in the coming month as I have a feelign we'll be seeing a little more of him!

Munchi - "Murder Sound VIP" Feat. M.I.A. by Some Kind of Awesome

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