[Download] Yak Ballz - "DSMU" (Prod By Chapter 7)

CCWM emcee Yak Ballz announced recently that he would be releasing his long awaited LP Gas Galaxy this year.  The only catch, is that the album will be a online only (for the time being( release via yakballz.net and Yak will release one new song per month. Yak states, "By the end of the year you will have the first phase of the album in it’s entirety.  Ultimately we will release it officially for purchase in the second phase with swagged out remixes and even more new songs."

Each song will be produced by Chapter 7 and each release will be accompanied by new and exclusive artwork by Oliver Cartwright; the man responsible for the art behind Yak's latest leaks, MachineThe Compass and the creator behind the innovative music video. Check out the first track of the year "DSMU" in the player below and stay tuned to yakballz.net and SKoA for more news on this upcoming release.

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