[Watch & Download] The Go! Team - "Rolling Blackouts" (Video) x "Buy Nothing Day" (Voluntary Butler Scheme Remix)


Okay Go! Team, we get it! You guys have a new album coming out the beginning of next month. It kicks alot of ass! But 4 videos, a full preview of the album and a BBC In session, don't you think thats a bit much for promo in one week? No? Well okay then. Just didn't want you guys to over exhaust yourselves. Check out the video for the title track off The Go! Team's upcoming album Rolling Blackouts. And if you missed the news about their recent BBC In session with Zane Lowe and the 3 videos they released earlier in the week, click here.

Also, as an added bonus The Go! Team put out a remix of their latest single "Buy Nothing Day" featuring Bethany of Best Coast, check that out below. Finally, if you haven't heard the band's new record, do your ears a favor and click here to check it out.

Buy Nothing Day (voluntary butler scheme remix) by thegoteam