Dangerous Thoughts (Black Thought x Danger Mouse) Still In The Works x The Money Making Jam Boys On The Way

Looks like Rome and the new U2 album might not be the only Danger Mouse projects we get this year. The Legendary Roots Crew frontman, Black Thought announced various projects hes been working on in a video last year with Strictly Fitted. One was the release of The Roots latest LP How I Got Over, the next was making music with his side crew Money Making Jam Boys (who consist of Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS) and lastly was the Dangerous Thoughts collaboration with Danger Mouse.

So far we've seen the release for How I Got Over and on February 3rd, clothing brand 10.Deep will be releasing the Money Making Jam Boys mixtape,  The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic. So hopefully that means a release for Dangerous Thoughts can't be too far away, but then again The Roots' MC announced this collaboration several years ago stating it would release likely around the same time as DangerDOOM's The Mouse and the Mask. But hey, 2 out of 3 so far is a good indication of things to come. Check out the first taste (courtesy of Hypetrak) of the Money Making Jam Boys mixtape, The Prestige: Jam Boy Magic with the track "Day Job" produced by Khari Ferrari. The mixtape will be available for download at 10Deep.com/MMJBMIXTAPE at 12pm on February 3rd.

Money Making Jam Boys - Day Job (Prod. by Khari Ferrari) by Hypetrak