[Watch] Foo Fighters - "These Days" Live @ Velvet Jones Club, Santa Barbara

Obviously there's a lot of buzz around the Foo Fighters at the moment with the announcement that their new album is complete. Not only that we've had not one, but two sneak peeks at new music from the album! In recent days the band has been tweeting a lot about how much they've been rehearsing with tweets such as : "Ahhh.......so nice to play the entire record, front to back, in sequence, live as a band every day in the rehearsal space.......sigh....." followed by "...can't wait to do it on a real stage.....;)". Amidst a load of pictures also being uploaded to the track I had a feeling something was about to go down. 

Last night my thoughts were confirmed with just 3 tweets. Firstly just a nohter stating how excited they were to play the songs in a set "...ahhh.....like I said before....sure feels nice to be able to play the new album front to back like a set list......" and a few minutes later "...hope we get a chance to do that soon.....". Not even an hour after this tweet an announcement was made that Foo Fighters were to be playing the Velvet Jones club, Santa Barbara along with The Bronx in support. With tix going for just $20 they were snapped up quickly and the show sold out!

With the show selling out so quickly and it being only one ticket per person, or their could be the old geographical problems of being in a different country you may not have got to see them debut new material. Fear not though as we have a very good quality video up at the top of Dave and co playing "These Days" from the new album. It feels good to see the whole band up on stage again but the track wasn't as heavy asYou might of expected from what Dave's been saying recently. A classic Foo's sound and a catchy track none-the-less. Check it out at the top and keep your eyes peeled towards our good friends over at Antiquiet as they were lucky enough to be there and a full review will be up soon! If you missed it the other day head on over here to take a look at Dave's home studio and a tour from the man himself.