[Listen] Check Out 3 New Solo Tracks From KoRn Frontman Jonathan Davis

Itching for more music from KoRn since their last release? Well, unfortunately you'll have to wait. But! Thanks to our good buddy Sami at the Rock It Out! Blog you can hear 3 new solo tracks from KoRn frontman Jonathan Davis. Jon has posted 3 new tunes on his Soundcloud account titled "Final Days," "Happiness" and “Medicate." And while i'm always happy to see new music from member's of KoRn, I really don't know what to think exactly when it comes to these 3 new tracks from Jon Davis. IMO, the songs "Final Days" and "Medicate" sound like outtakes from the Queen of the Damned soundtrack sessions. While "Happiness" is the only true rock sounding track and its an okay sounding tune. But enough of my opinion, i'll let you guys check out the songs for yourself and voice your own opinons on what you think of the new songs.

Final Days by JonathanDavisKorn

Happiness by JonathanDavisKorn

Medicate by JonathanDavisKorn