[Watch] Jessie J - "Price Tag" Feat. B.o.B (Video)

Check out the brand new video from the hotly tipped UK artist Jessie J. In the UK her track "Do It Like A Dude" has been relentlessly played on all stations yet it doesn't get old and will have you singing the lyrics most days if you happen to catch a snippet of it in passing. Here today though we have the new video for her B.o.B featuring track, "Price Tag". B.o.B. cameos in the price conscious video. In relation to the video Director Emil Nava said of the video it "Just basically sort of came up with the idea thinking about showing things that are larger than life, but don't really matter...It's sort of like this hyper-real, sort of toy world with Jessie bringing a fashion edge to it." Check out the appearance of a giant teddy bear and some puppets. B.o.B. has also had a little to say about young Jessie stating: "I see Jessie becoming a powerhouse, definitely, because it's impossible to have that much creativity in one person and for them not to do amazing thing." 

Jessie's debut Who Are You hits the stores stateside on April 12th a little after the March 28th UK release. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for this UK artist making waves across the pond.